Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can order a regular cleaning schedule once a week or every 2 weeks. Since it is easier to maintain cleanliness than directing it, with weekly maintenance you will get a good discount. Usually, we fix a specific day of the week and the time at which the our professional cleaner comes to you, but we can develop an individual schedule.

For big lovers of cleanliness, our cleaning company in Dubai can provide cleaning services on a daily basis.

Yes, you can order cleaning only once, without a subscription. “Al Naveed Cleaning Company” is a recognized leader in Deep cleaning services in Dubai. We have a large base of professional cleaners. Therefore, we can easily cope with any residential premises: apartment, house, villa or cottage.

Due to the increased effort, If our cleaner damage any item. This happens in less than 1% of cleanups. In this case, our professionals will either return everything to its previous state, or, if it is impossible, we will compensate for the cost of this item.

Yes. This is the advantage of our cleaning services. With regular maintenance, you will receive a permanent performer who knows where the ironing shirts are hanging and how the bath mat should lie.

Our Each performer passes a three-stage selection:

  1. Everything begins with a series of interviews on personal and professional qualities.
  2. Then the performer goes through many days of training. We intentionally built a model apartment, in which there are all standard surfaces. At the end of the training test is taken.
  3. After that, each performer for about a month travels to cleaning orders as an additional trainee and goes through another course of study.

After passing through all three stages, the intern begins to wear the proud title of Al Naveed Cleaning Company,

Yes, we also provide commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning services in Dubai. Al Naveed Cleaning company “” is unique in its kind. The experience of providing services in offices helps us to easily clean complex residential objects, and the experience of cleaning apartments, houses & villa in dubai helps to treat the office as if it were your home.

Prices for cleaning services in Dubai depend on the following factors:

  1. From the area of ​​the house or office – the cost of private cleaning of the apartment, villa or office space depends on the number of rooms and their size. The greater the scope of work for the “”, the higher the prices for the provision of cleaning services in Dubai.
  2. On the nature of cleaning services – prices depend on what kind of work you entrust to the “”. General cleaning of apartments, houses, villa & office in Dubai is carried out professionally and efficiently, but it costs more than supporting, additional work (for example, leaving the cleaner to the house, washing the glazing, dry cleaning) is paid separately.
  3. From the conditions of service and operation of the Al Naveed cleaning company – the prices for house cleaning depend on the availability of furniture and building materials in the area, access to hot and cold water, the possibility or inability to restrict access to unauthorized persons.